Friday, June 8, 2007


Gotta post this ish a little bit early by my patnah in crime..Hollan-Daze:

cynically speaking I reek of money and good breeding
politically speaking I'm like Obama– left leaning
meaning this beaming stream
of no meaning
is either a beacon of hope
or dark scheming
been meaning to preen my dreams
of their excess fiendishness
a kind of mental spring clean
the thing it this–
It's the dark side of life that makes the light side lighter
lighter side like comic strips, daphodiles and toddlers

and the light side of life is a miracle
don't fear it bro
it's spiritual
embrace it yo
feel it all
ova ya bodee
like a long shower or a sip of tea
just look at me
I used to be a nihilist
and now I'm free


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