Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great White Hyphe, World Play no. 1

Great White Hyphe, World Play no. 1

"Hella Hyphy Hellas?!"

I fill condoms with holy water and throw them and abstinate vampires
just to watch them burn like camp fires

Salma Hayek-esque desires

You know, the little shit that inspires
Needles through knows like telephone wires
Hot like burning rubber nascar tires

Won hit one-ders expire
like misplaced avocados under umbrellas

On street corners 'hollarin' at lustfull lost Cindarellas

Come on fellas

Or is all you can say just hella hyphy hellas?!

A Hella Hyphy Avacado

~GWH/MM/TS 2007~

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