Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Passed and Past: 'Butterfly Pushed Sequel'"


Back on track I feel as though these canvass streets have led me
I once felt like a butterfly pushpinned on velvet wall for all to display
Carved out of the wood block of what they like to call reality's fallacy
I felt as though my wings were snipped, clipped, punctured battered and bruised that led me to a period not just more than confused…

…but now that seems like a mere yesterday.

Despite my plight I flew relentlessly amongst that broken sky ,
pushpinned needles tore through treacherous terrors that charred my wingspan
And on that once and pondered day I looked down into an abyss of carpedted darkness…
Only to know the truths of what I truly miss…

But now its bliss, rebirth with a one start charcoal kiss
I now see from above that carpeted blanket of a deep abyss one that I used to truly miss, passing in the darkness as I sore towards new days with fresh suns rays

A glance at sunshine that diminishes in a cloudy haze
The kind that falls so blindly and screams relentlessly to deaf ears--
and those tears drip dreary relentlessness matters of abstract realities…
Scared, screaming…fears that no one seems to hear
that no one seems to hear
That NO ONE seems to…be here…for me, or you?
...and even then they still they tend to go unnoticed...

Now flying high in the pristine sky I can finally sense your five senses
Sensing me to sense something...sense something Wrong and begin to convey your subtle messages to the tune of a Siren's songs
But masked by your beauty I played your tune out of key
Lost one finger and my nine nails inch along the treble cleffs like blind lemmings led to miracles to see
Guided like the Titanic lost at sea...Its hard for me to Vitamin C...

Beacons of lighthouse hope arise preminitions around those fluttering ambitions...

Will I EVER be heard or just remain in the buffalo herd nibbling on grassy knolls inhaling inhibitions for the world to see my hopeless exhibitions
And each bite has an impact that intertwines in a seemless cycle that never seems to repeat exact
Never repeats exactly…in the same manner cause FUCK all your debutant manors and mannerisms
I try to find myself...again...amongst other lost and benign souls
So, if two lost souls make a right, the look at who is left
And this is where we find each other, beside one another.

Best kept secrets like lies illuminate starry skies with constellations that somehow don't fit astronomy’s description
I am, as they say, a Virgo--lost in the Milky Way
But if you are my painter the refill your brush and repaint these canvassed streets
So I can perform my glorious feats, I now walk barefoot on these prickly streets

Each stroke pinpoints where to go like topographic maps
Your scribbled contours guide me in search of more
And only begin to guide me on my never ending quest to explore
But as the lines intersect, I begin to realize that
…(there is nothing more)…
That the only constant is change and the only thing that is changing is alluding us
Brooding us, searching for us as we are searching for them
And now with my holy water glass no longer half empty--
Its full to the brim
Boiling over like melting pots of insignificant truths
Where the only constant is that nothing is for sure
But now my rekindled butterfly's wings can begin to flap free and pure
Finally completed my metamorphosis process outside knocking on your front door
And now its our time to soar
Like moving on forgetting memories like the Raven...Never More

We are the manifestation of the butterfly that flapped its wings in Kansas that caused earthquakes in Mongolia, Hurricanes in the Carribean and sunshine in Antarctica
My vase sits on a pedestal no longer broken, pieced back together and no longer full of misled misconceptions of immaculate conceptions
Reaching for new goals I encounter new challenges like overcoming the past...
Now that that has passed its time to remember to remember
and remember to release
Remember to remember and remember to release
Remember to release and your soul will be at ease
And now that release has released and relinquished my uninhibiting peace
Only to come to the realization of realizing that I lived through it
I am living through it
So what was it? And what IS it?
And it is…exactly that…that it WAS!
Simply this, now simply that...
Nothing more than what we just passed…the past.

-T Simp

‘Passed and Past’

Written around July 2004, edited July, 2008
Rekindled and published by T Simp, Oakland, CA
Dar Far for Life, This One and the Next!


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