Monday, April 30, 2007

Creative Crayola Colors

I got a box of crayons…

But my box of crayons doesn’t contain those creative Crayola colors like chamomile brown that we all remember from our younger years

It doesn’t have that-- school bus yellow we used to paint those big bright suns in our stick figure family portraits

Yea, we all thought were masterpieces--with the brick red house and platinum blonde haired family standing happily on the forest green grass

My box of crayons is full of colors of the world that we see today, each and every day

Unfortunately, they aren’t the original creative Crayola colors such as my favorite: purple mountain majesties, or the classic macaroni and cheese

My box of crayons consists of colors like: heartbroken grey and fuck Valentines Day

To me, the once popular purple pizzazz blends well with the new governmental favorite terrorist alert orange

Shaded by the popular preemptive purple we find ourselves filling with fucked by Bush Black

And forget the days of lime green and vivid tangerine

I’ve replaced those with where is the democratic party blue and lung cancer nicotine

There are, of course, the poetic crayons that paint the pictures of this globe

Sunset orange, radiant red, tantalizing turquoise and Beautiful Brazilian blue

But all those have been replaced with American Airlines pilot finger flicking fuck you

Constitutional lies yellow goes nicely with media manipulated maroon

Soon enough we will all end up like the WTF mate cartoon

…Fucking kangaroo brown

Governmental globalization mahogany pollutes the once popular peaceful periwinkle

Atomic Middle East accents well with al Quaida orange

So why don’t we just color destiny with clash of civilizations mahogany

Anyways, lets check the black and white and read all over fabricated news

With endless references to Michael Jackson child molesting baby blue

Or how about scarlet letters paint the way for Kobe Bryant yellow

Because that’s just arbitrary orange

We need to see more colors like humanitarian aid green

And blush from a first kiss excitement rush

The colors of the rainbow have brought us to the brink

Like creating an amendment prohibiting gay marriage pink…

Angry adolescent youths prefer the popular color of my opinion doesn’t matter

And people below the poverty level have way too much I ain’t getting none of that green

Whereas president Bush’s sidekicks are rolling around in reconstruction red

Halliburton yellow and Arthur Anderson orange are building and accounting for our future

Fuscia’s fury is now green with envy

And Oscar winning gold sees a terrorist frenzy

Creative Crayola colors that were once so divine, have come to see their dreams decline

But--on a lighter note…Nike shox are coming out with their new spring line

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