Monday, April 30, 2007

Pinned Like a Butterfly

I feel like a butterfly push-pinned to a velvet wall flapping to get free

So beautiful in its struggle, yet hopeless, trapped, and waiting so desperately

But with my wings clipped I cannot fly among the sinking rays of the broken sky—the sun shattered into pieces bringing darkness

There I lay in my abyss amongst carpeted blackness and I begin to know the truth to what I truly miss

Like the blink of an eye where in that instant you missed the only glimpse of pure bliss—Found on this green earth…

but its not so green anymore

Like the touch of a beautiful queen, pushed into you on the street…holding her boyfriends hand, but you caught her sight…For just one eternal instant her eyes met yours and the scarlet letter A blinded her and made you turn away

Then, holding your breath only to exhale her thoughts and become in tune to her rhythm as you lie next to each other in bed—tired but not willing to drift into dreary distance of sleep because our harmonious gasps for air have become intertwined and we feel as though we are divine

Like closing your eyes as if it were for the last time and replaying all the beauty in this world

Because your beauty made me walk down endless desert roads without water

And your beauty made me climb the highest peaks without oxygen.

Your beauty made me dive to the deepest depth gasping for one last breath…one last breath of you…exhaled…but now I am blind

I took in all the beauty of the world for one last glimpse of you

But you left me with just that vision and now I’m like a vagabond on your voyage freely floating around on this globe searching for one last breath of you

Its like playing cards where you have four aces I lost against with a pair of twos

The adrenaline pumps as my heart races

Lost in the valleys of wide open spaces

Where, glacial tills erode our history and wash away a path along my hearts misery

There you will forever be enshrined as the alpin-glow lights illuminate the way

Questions bleed from my veins hoping to wake up another day

And as my chest grows beyond your absence--I might as well become abstinate, I cant go on with these lies…I cant go on with this disguise, I want to just take one last look and for the last time… close my eyes

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