Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inspired by Documentary "Freestyle"

Yes...Indeed, indeed dee da dee day
Come to play
From Oakland to LA
"Up in 'hneaahre'" is what dey say
White boy?!
Damn dem rhymes be tight...
Tight like clothes lines
Hung out to to dry like beef jerky
But dont come wit no beef to me...jerk (e)

Ive been from Miami to Jersey
Sporting Brasilian soccer jeresys
Bahia to Gremio, grab me a game...damn boy lets go
To the 'Baile Funke' show...

And when Im rockin my Flamengo...i be representin Ri-O!
Lets do it my way, rock the white and black
forever my love Olympia of of PARAGUAY!

Cant nobody hurt me
Except sticks and stones
Cause they break bones
Like my rhymes break micraphones
Spittin illmatic shit back forth like

My toxic rhymes--
Bringing hurricanes that knock down Superdomes
Shrunk like gnomes
Allover globes, like my wandering sole

Wherever it lands
Is where the Great White Hyphy's gonna stand
Like on demand>

Spittin flows...in my bath robe
Steamy showers, last about an hour
Getting clean, makin shit
Etch-i-sketchin my dream
Shake to erase
Erase the face
That gave you this Rhyme
Cause for the last time
I come with clocks
To knock you off your socks
Knock you off you Socks
Like Yankees and Red Sox
Rivalries like tic tock
Hopin for the pick off
And hope to win the series
And lose to the Braves
National League, representin, Hella Brave
Now the Hunger gots to Stave
Off like light switches
Switchin like switch hitters
Swapin like swingers
And always comin ill that American Idol SINGERS!!!


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