Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Haters" by Trevor Simpson

By Trevor Simpson
Sept. 11 2007

I'm such a fucking hater, but like that way I see it, it just doesn't make sense.

Like when I first got in to the club scene, it was eighteen and up, and everyone was trying to be a b-boy, yo but it was cool cause everyone tried to out do each other in a friendly fashion..like yo I dance better than you, or I spin better than you, or my threads are way fresher than yours. But it still is was about being part of the music, reminiscent of the raves that we grew up on.

I'm such a hater though cause then I was brought in to the 21 and up club scene and everyone was trying to be upscale. Like yo I'm gonna wear suits and burberry and have five girls on my arm, and we hate hip hop so we go to the upscale club not for the house music but because its upscale.

So i'm such a hater cause these guys all paid my rent, but I was like yo, I'm 22 and fresh, I'm not upscale I'm a rock star. So Enrique and I go out or our way to change or styles, the way we dress, old school rocker ts and hells anges shirts, and we throw fucking rockstar parties where people can just wild out and love the house music, but it was more real, it was who we are. And the girls loved it, the fashion shows, the hottest go go dancers, all the you party crowd would come out... I'm not upscale I'm a rockstar, except for the benz maybe.

So then the upscale crowd looses momentum so they have to like bind together and hate on us like you guys are trashy and were upscale, But I'm such a hater cause when I go to the quote un quote upscale parties, all I see is used car sales men spending all their money on designer clothes and bottle service like yo, were upscale. And I'm such a hater cause I think to my self...dude real fucking rich people don't go to club you fucking idiots...i'm such a hater.

So then our parties keep getting bigger and bigger and one day I notice that everyone is rocking there ed hard or affliction t-shirt and rocker jeans with bandannas and i'm like yo! fuck now everyone looks like me, so i went preppy cause I'm such a hater, but I look fresh in a florescent pink polo like kanye west and shit...anyway

So then I blow up and I get hated on like yo, you're mainstream, and were underground. And I'm such a hater cause i'm like fool when did you ever get arrested for throwing an underground party, when did you get fined by the police for putting flyers on cars. And I'm such a hater cause I'm like dude your'e a fucking dj, your job is to express yourself while pleasing the most amount of people you can and spreading dance music...and i get, well you just play hit after hit that's not djing, you gotta be underground...and I'm such a hater cause i'm like hey douche bag, I'm the music director for the only successful dance music radio station in a top ten market...those records weren't hits until I played them on the radio every day for thousands of people and made them hits...what impact have you had on this city except to make some pretty girls walk in to hear you play and get so board that they decide they hate "techno"

Wow I'm such a hater, I gotta work on that. Cause the truth is, this beat is all we have. This beat isn't trying to be anything it's not. This beat isn't trying to impress anybody. This beat dosn't care if you love it or hate it. This beat isn't electro or trance or drum and base or tech house or ghetto or progressive or minimal. This beat just is. It's so much more than we are because it has no ego, it doesn't want to be liked or loved, it doesn't set rules, people don't speak or kill on behalf of it, and it makes the people that believe in it genuinely happy. I'm such a hater, I could learn a lot from this beat.

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